Fîlmên "Koreya Bakur"ê

In the aftermath of a car crash, a man discovers his dreams are tied to a strangers sleepwalking....
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Jae-Young is an amateur prostitute who sleeps with men while her best friend Yeo-Jin manages her, fixing dates, taking care of the money and making sure the coast is clear. When Jae-Young...
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Romances end in blood and the frail hopes of individuals are torn apart in a vile karmic continuity of colonialism, civil war and occupation. After surviving Japanese colonization, Korea ......
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To save her relationship, a woman puts herself through extensive plastic surgery....
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sûc, drama, nepenî, rageşî / 1995
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komedî, romantîk / 2005
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aksîyon, macera, drama, dîrok, şer / 2005
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Aksiyon, biyografî, drama, dîrok, şer / 1995
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dram, romantîk / 1994